3 {current} Favorite Things {30 Day Challenge}

 Pink nail polish. Actually I've been obsessed and totally in love with all things pink during my entire pregnancy, maybe cause I'm having a girl? ^_^ Usually I'm a purple nail polish person, but right now all I've been using is pink!
 Green apples. Crispy and a little bit sour. This has been my biggest pregnancy craving, I eat at least one apple a day...sometimes two. ^_^ At 9 months I'm still addicted and I'm curious to see how long it will last before I can't stand them anymore! lol.
Autumn leaves. Due to our crazy dry year I thought we'd have a blah Fall season. But surprise, surprise, it has been one of the brightest ones we've had in a few years! I just love all the bright colored leaves in shades of orange, red, and yellow...I only wish I was feeling good enough to get in some hiking and capture more of the Autumn color on camera this year.

What are a few things you are loving right now?



  1. I've always loved pink!! haha And at least your craving is a very healthy one!! :)

    Hmm some things I've been loving.... football games, wearing my riding boots EVER SINGLE DAY (when not in school, since they're not dress code) and just getting to spend one on one time with my bestie Hans.


  2. Loving being able to wear sweaters again! It's been so long


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