What's In My Purse + Current Book I'm Reading {30 Day Challenge}

Sorry I was MIA for a few days. Life is keeping me busy! Not to mention, I came down with my second cold so far in this pregnancy...ughh...I am a total baby about colds and usually rely on Nyquil to survive through them. But since I'm limited on medication right now I pretty much just have to wait it out! Not very much fun. Enough whining from me. Today I'm going to combine the next few challenges, What's In My Purse and What I'm Currently Reading. :-)
My purse. Well the most used one I own. :-) It's from Monsoon {Accessorize} and the first leather bag I've splurged on in years! It's lasted pretty well but I think I'll be looking for a replacement soon. :-)
I pretty much just {nicely} dumped out all the contents that are currently inside so you could see my stash. 

-a scarf I was wearing yesterday in the city until it got too warm out!
-a book for my dad that just arrived in the mail. I took it out of the box at the PO. :)
-hand lotion via Bath + Body Works.
-a pack of tissues. since I'm sick.
-Burt's Bee's lip Balm.
-Clinique lipstick.
-3 pens. In case one breaks or something, I have backups. :-) I have a thing for pens.
-a lonely Ricola cough drop.
-my iron supplement that I usually take at lunch so it stays in my purse.
-a big pile of change.
-a flash drive. not sure what the contents are! lol.
-keys to our house, apartment, post office, gate, etc...
-a wooden hair stick to put my hair up with.
-and then a stack of business cards/I.D./membership cards.

After writing that list and looking at the photo...I am kind of ashamed. I am such a basic person sometimes. I should put something more interesting in my bag....like candy or more makeup items. :-)
The current book{s} I'm reading are not really very exciting. 

What To Expect When You're Expecting
What To Expect The First Year
Heidi Murkoff

I'm reading these because, duh, I'm pregnant and expecting a baby here real soon. So it's good to read up on things, be informed, and all that good stuff. :-) They are very basic books with tons of helpful information and are very easy to read. I probably would have 0% interest in either one if I wasn't expecting but since I am...I have enjoyed them both a lot. :-)

What book{s} are you currently reading?
{probably something more exciting that my books! haha}



  1. I found it quite interesting to see what was in your bag! haahaa And I have a big thing for pens too - i despise pencils!! lol only for math do i use pencils. lol


  2. Very interesting items you've got there. ;) Hope you feel better soon!

    The book that I'm reading now is "Gone with the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell, and it's fantastic! Definitely recommend it. :)

  3. I just changed from one purse to another so a little bit of cleaning out was done as well. In the process I found six pens. They just accumulate slowly I guess. The thing is, when I go to look for one I can never find one!

    I'm reading The Betrayal by Beverly Lewis among other things.


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