What You Might Not Know {30 Day Challenge}

I wasn't feeling inspired with some of the last few challenges so I made some changes. Hey, I'm a pregnant lady, I'm allowed to change my mind right? hehe. So today, I'm going to share some completely random and unimportant things about me that you might not know. :-)
1. I love white chocolate. I really do. Most of my family members don't share the love ("white chocolate isn't really chocolate you know!" Bah, who cares.), but that's okay. More for me, right?

2. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a little girl. Then I grew up and realized that there is no way I could ever handle it. I have far too soft a heart for such a job! I love animals a lot.

3. I never planned on marrying for love. I planned on marrying someone who was a smart choice for me (responsible, hardworking, honest, a christian, etc...) , and hoped I'd end up loving him someday. Turns out I married a man who I'm head over heels in love with, but is also a really smart choice for me...so I guess I got it all in one package. :-)

4. I love coloring. You know, with crayons. Or coloring pencils. In fact my mom has a whole basket of coloring books in her living room just for me. I love my mom, and the fact that she still loves her seriously immature daughter! ^_^ Ha! No but seriously, it's incredibly relaxing...you should try it sometime.

5. I hate eggnog. Seriously. I know that is so completely random but since the holidays are coming I keep seeing eggnog recipes and stuff so it's been on my mind....just, ew. 

6. Rainy days make me happy. They just do. Whether I'm stuck at home or out in town, it doesn't matter. Rain gives me that awesome cozy feeling inside that I just love.

7. I used to have a puppy named Zack. He was a german shepherd and that's his picture up there on the top. ^_^ He struggled with health problems for months and months and I ended up making the choice to find him another home rather than putting him down. It was really sad for me...I had gotten really attached. But I still have tons of cute pictures and memories so that's a good thing.

And there are just a few silly things about me that you might not have known.
Now I want to hear back from you!

What are a couple of things that I might not know about you?



  1. I love learning random things about people. It's fun!

    Let's see. I hate cherries. I still have a slight fear of the dark. I wanted to be a nurse when I was little but I hated math and science. (The care taking part of it appealed to me.)

  2. Oh, fun! Good things to know. :)

    I like dark chocolate the best. I hate olives. I am addicted to gorgeous things (thus the reason I love my Pinterest: pinterest.com/vanessan97), and I love dark wood furniture. ;)

  3. I love rainy days too! I'm usually the first one in our family to get cold... in theaters, hospitals, cars, cool weather, you name it!

  4. 1st, I LOOOOVE eggnog, and I hate white chocolate. :) lol

    Ummm, I'm really pretty quiet. I love watching FoxNews with my Daddy. :) Someday I'm moving to Wyoming to build a horse ranch. I love baby animals. I love having heart-to-heart talks with friends. I love frappachinos. And I have a slight obsession with boots - of all heights. haha

    Loved reading this post Marie!!! You're so funny sometimes. :) And that puppy Zach is adorable!


  5. I loved it! I can actually understand the coloring thing, even though I haven't done it for awhile. But when I'm babysitting and coloring a page with the kids, I enjoy it a lot! Something you might not know about me...I've never been off the North American continent! But I have designs on Poland...


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