What Made Me Happy Today {30 Day Challenge}

You know what made me happy today? Autumn. I love this season. I know, I say it all the time! But it's true. It's just such a beautiful time of the year and it's hard to not love it with all your heart.
 Collecting apples off the trees, and raking up leaves.....
Shaking walnuts off our tree and collecting them up in buckets. (and shelling them which proceeds to stain your hands more than you could imagine but that's another story! lol)....
And enjoying hot chocolate in my new favorite mug. Not that the mug is new. We've had it since I was a kid but I've just rediscovered it and found that it's quite nice. :-) I'm not supposed to have any caffeine right now due to my high pulse issues but I figure that splurging for a cup of hot cocoa every now and then is okay! :-)

What's something small (or big!) that made you extra happy today?


  1. Well, what made me extra happy yesterday, is having my sister, brother-in-law, nieces, and nephews over for the day. We have them over every Sunday for dinner, dessert, games, and chatting. We always have a ball together. Yesterday, we also invited another family over to share in with the fun. We were able to take a hay ride on my grandfather's tractor (that Dad borrowed) and rode around in the woods behind our house for a while. The kids really loved that. :)

  2. What thing that made me happy is an email from my friend Phil telling me my li'l message to him this morning made his day!! :) And, um, just getting another day to praise Jesus!!

    Oh, and autumn was another thing. And watching One Direction interviews on YouTube. Ohmygosh, they are HILARIOUS!! And quite adorable, too. lol



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