What I Wore Today {30 Day Challenge}

Today my husband and I took the day (well part of it..) off to take my sister and 2 friends to sightsee in Sighisoara. It was such a beautiful day, with perfect temperatures and lots of sunshine. :-) We haven't been out to do anything "fun" in a while so it was really nice to just relax and enjoy the day. With the baby coming soon, I am trying to take advantage of these last few weeks and get out as much as I can. Not that I can't go anywhere after she arrives, but with Winter coming and all, I'm figuring on being home a lot for the rest of the year! So yeah. It was a lovely day day and I'm glad to have spent it with some of the people I love most. :-)
Cardigan- Pull & Bear
Grey Tee- Takko
Black Tank- H&M
Skinny Jeans- H&M
Boots- Tamaris
Earrings- Acessorize/Monsoon

>>>>>> <<<<<<

I know I usually don't post outfit photos that include my husband, but it's all I have today so I hope that it is okay. :-) I'm over 35 weeks pregnant, can you believe it? Time is flying by. Our little girl will be so very soon and I'm getting so excited. I have lots to do in the next week, like buying a carseat and diaper bag. Hello! I am so behind on my baby shopping, I am quite ashamed. Well it's getting late here on this Saturday night and I still have preparations to tend too for church in the morning. :-)
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


  1. Your outfit is adorable and looks very comfy!! :) Perfect for strolling around the city. :) And those pictures of you and your hubby are soo presh. I'm so excited for you both!!!

    Love ya,

  2. You are so beautiful, and you and your husband are adorable together. :) He obviously loves you very much - you are very blessed. =) I'm so excited that your little girlie is almost here - you will be a wonderful mom. :)

  3. I think it's nice that you included your husband in your outfit pictures. You two make such a sweet couple. I like your earrings! They are so cute and look unique.

  4. I like that you included him in your pictures. And you are looking awesome! I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl <3

  5. You two are such a lovely-handsome couple! <3


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