Three of My Favorite Blogs {30 Day Challenge}

Arielle Elise - The blog of... Arielle Elise! :-) She is a wife, mom, and an amazing photographer. I love her work, it is very romantic, fresh, and natural. She not only posts about recent photo shoots, but about her life and being a mom. Her blog is always an encouragement to me and it's one of my favorites! {ahem, not to mention, we share the same first name, spelling and all!}

La Vie Petite- written by Cori! She is a mom of 3, expecting her 4th! I like her blog mostly for the fashion and outfit posts...she is currently pregnant but I like her non-maternity fashion style as well. :-) 

Enjoying The Small Things- by Kelle Hampton. This blog always makes me happy! Kelle is a mom of 2, one being a special needs child. Her happiness and zest for life is sooo catching and I love her cheerful (yet realistic) outlook on life. 

What are a few of your favorite blogs to read?

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  1. I love your fall challenge! I need to get organized enough to do one too!;) Hey, I also just started following you on Instagram the other day. So if you see some weird stranger in your followers list... yeah that's me!:)


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