Thoughts On Beauty {30 Day Challenge}

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Inner beauty lasts forever.
Our outward appearance can drastically change, fade, or be destroyed in an instant. And no matter how beautiful someone is on the outside, it won't count for much without inner beauty to accompany it. So learn to speak kindly, go out of your way to be thoughtful, care deeply about the people you love, be trustworthy and honest... that will always be the true meaning of beauty.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty is a form of art, therefore it will always be open to personal opinion and taste. There can never one sole definition of beauty, for it comes in all different shapes and sizes. Don't try to change yourself to fit the stereotype around you, be yourself and let your own unique beauty shine.

A smile makes everyone beautiful.
I've never met an ugly smile. I swear. Smiling is something that should be done often. Smiling is beautiful.

Never judge yourself too harshly.
Everyone has "ugly" days. You know, the days you feel like wearing a bag over your head? Happens all the time to people all over the world. So don't let it bring you down, you are still more beautiful than you know. Believe me. You will always be beautiful...no matter what!

There is beauty all around you.
You just have to look for it. Everyday life...is incredibly beautiful. It's beauty fills up all the space around us, sometimes we just forget to notice.
Marie Danielle


  1. Great thoughts about beauty, Marie! Totally agree with all of them. :)

  2. Wow, "beautiful" post Marie!!! I loved reading it. :)


  3. I love these thoughts, especially the last one! It's a good reminder! :)


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