Something I Miss {30 Day Challenge}

This is part of the 30 day blogging challenge I'm currently doing, but I sort of ended up making it more of a pregnancy update! :-)

{me + my baby bump at 37 weeks}

Some things I miss:
I miss sleeping on my stomach!
I miss wearing heels.
I miss my morning cup of coffee.
I miss all the Pilates moves I can't do anymore.
I miss having energy at night. {and being able to stay awake for an entire movie!}
I miss wearing my wedding rings.
I miss having more options in my wardrobe. {by now it's like okay, do I want to wear the maternity jeans or the yoga pants with the oversized sweatshirt? lol!}
I miss not getting out of breath so easily! Where have my lungs gone?
I miss taking long walks with my husband on the weekends. 

With all of that said. I'm still standing by what I've said before on the subject of {my} pregnancy. I am SO blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy. I never had severe morning sickness. I haven't had any serious complications. I haven't felt overly sick or ill in any way. Overall I've felt healthy, strong, and {ok, like half...} full of energy. I've been able to keep up most of my usual routine without making any huge changes. Pregnancy has been a wonderful experience for me, I feel blessed, loved, and very happy! 

My due date was moved up a little bit, not officially, but enough to where at this point, I could be having the baby at anytime now! I'm pretty far from the hospital {over an hour} so I'm a little nervous about getting there and getting settled in when the time comes. Please keep my in your prayers if you are so kind! I would appreciate it. :-) Yes, I'm a little nervous about the birth too...I'm opting to go at natural as possible since it is best for the baby. But I feel confident that I can do it {like the thousands of women before me!} and I'm trying to stay focused on the beautiful baby girl I'll be meeting after it's all over with. 

I finally got around to getting {most} all of my baby shopping done this past week! I feel relieved and much more at ease. I got a darling carseat, it's dark purple and even my husband likes it a lot. :-) My older sister {who is an amazing mom of her own 3 kids} sent me a large stash of baby clothes left over from her girls along with a diaper clutch that is SO cute that I've just taken out the changing pad and have been using it already as a normal clutch. :-) I have pacifiers, bottles, diapers, receiving blankets. For the most part, I'm all set up and ready to go! Today I'm off to wash all of her {tiny!} clothes and organize everything into dressers. It's all very exciting and becoming so much more real as the days go by. I'm thankful for all the support I've received thus far from my husband, family, friends, and blog readers! Everyone has been so kind and caring, to say the least... I feel very loved! :-) Alright. This turned out to be much longer than I had planned...so I'll end it here. Hey, figuring you might not be getting another pregnancy update again, I thought I'd make this one count! :-)
Wishing everyone a happy Monday and lovely week!
Marie Danielle


  1. Glad it hasn't been too bad a pregnancy for you! I'll be praying for you in the days to come.

  2. I've been praying for you ever since I found out you were pregnant!!! You'll make an amazing mommy, I'm sure. :)



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