Snapshots of Autumn

My Autumn wardrobe of 2012 has mostly consisted of husband's hoodies + maternity skinny jeans from H&M + green rubber boots. Classy, no? :-)
Our backyard is overflowing with apples this year! Most aren't all that great so they get gathered and fed to the pigs...but a few trees had a {small} nice harvest that made some good apple pies. :-)
My mom bought me some new slippers this last week...I picked the colors I wanted. :-) Aren't they cute? I'm always up for anything grey.
 Started up the wood stoves in the house this month! Winter is already on it's way here in Romania....
 Spending my evenings next to the warm stove, usually with my sister keeping me company and hot drinks for us both. :-)



  1. Sounds lovely! Isn't nice to have a sister to spend the evening with over a nice hot something? I have two sisters, one married and one 11.

  2. I love your green rubber boots, and your slippers are so cute!! :) I love every 'snapshots' post you do. :)


  3. I love sitting by warm stoves, with my dad's hot chocolate and a good book! (As long as my dog doesn't knock into me, sending my hot chocolate everywhere but my mouth...)

    Happy Fall!


  4. *sighs dreamily* the last shot is something that I would totally do on a chilly day. ;) Lovely post, Marie! Those slippers look super cute.


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