Playlist of the Month {30 Day Challenge}

Today? Playlist of the month, or simply just the songs that I've been listening too lately. :-)

You're Having My Baby - Glee
Because....duh....I'm having a baby! I like this version that was done on Glee! Not a fan on the show but I like the soundtracks a lot. :)

Christmastime {Baby Please Come Home} - Michael Buble
Because October makes me start craving Christmas! This is usually the first holiday song I start listening too every year.

Butterfly Waltz - Brian Crain
Because it soothes and relaxes me when I'm stressed and need to chill out!

So Close - Jon Mclaughlin, (Enchanted OST)
Because I love Enchanted. Just kidding. I actually don't really like that movie very much! lol! I am not a very girly girl sometimes. :) But I love this song sooo much and do think that it is very romantic. Not to mention his voice is quite beautiful.

Does Anyone Hear Her - Casting Crowns
Because this is my most played Sunday morning playlist song lately! It's very convicting and always makes me thoughtful + contemplative.

Ochii Din Vis - Loredana + Dragos Chircu
Because I love my Romanian husband and I love Romanian love songs! This has been my latest favorite. ^_^

This Everyday Love - Rascal Flatts
Because, country music was just made for Autumn!

What have you been listening too lately?


  1. I've been listening to:

    'Music of the Night', 'My Heart Will Go On' and 'Reflection' by Jackie Evancho.

    'More Than This', 'Gotta Be You' and 'Live While We're Young' by One Direction.

    'Never a Doubt' and anything else by the Booth Brothers. Oh and 'You Raise Me Up' by Josh Groban!

    So that's my playlist lately. :)


  2. I have been listening to a mixture of christian music cd that I burned recently. I had oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed and they told be to bring a cd along to listen to while they did the surgery. During the surgery the doctor said that I was very calm and that my music was calming him! (I think the Lord was at work there.) So anyway the cd has: 'Sing Your Praise to the Lord', 'If I Stand', 'Hold Me Jesus', and 'While the Nations Rage' by Rich Mullins, 'The Solid Rock', and 'Great is Thy Faithfulness' by 4Him, and 'Glory', 'There is a Redeemer', 'O The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus', Before the Throne of God Above', 'Wonderful, Merciful Savior', Be Thou My Vision', 'Part the Waters/I Need Thee Every Hour', 'O Sacred Head Now Wounded', and 'There is a Fountain' all by Selah.

  3. I love all the songs you have been listening to Marie! I have been listening to Only For A Season by Allison Short, Light Up the Sky by the Afters, Start Over by the Afters, The Word is Alive by Casting Crowns, One Fine Day by Haley Westerna, Holy Spirit Have Your Way by Leeland, The Wandering King by Josh Groban, and many many more.:) Thanks for sharing with us new and old music you like! I enjoy music so so much and love hearing others favorites. :)



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