Pets {30 Day Challenge}

Pets? Oh boy. I have a lot of those. Okay, so they aren't all supposed to be pets, but it's pretty difficult for me to not get attached to animals...so in my eyes...yeah. They are pets. We'll start with the dogs.
Rex is a 3 year old German Shepherd and is probably the most trained out of all the dogs. He was going to be a police dog until he found a home with us! He is crazy agile, knows how to climb just about anywhere, and is a really good balance between sweet family dog/mean guard dog. :-)
 This is Kenji. He is a Tosa Inu, or Japanese Mastiff. He is a little dumb (!) and has no idea how big + powerful he is but is very lovable and works well with his brother guarding our back garden property. He has a lot of scars on his face that makes him look mean, but underneath he is just a big teddy bear. If you're someone he knows. :-)
His brother is Kojiro. He is highly intelligent, very agile and has the most beautiful puppy eyes you've ever seen! He is also very protective and loyal and behaves wonderful in public. :)
This is Louise, a 10 month old Rottweiler. She is built like a tank, highly aggressive + protective, is the most affectionate dog we own, and loves to eat. Really loves to eat. :-)

I'm sure you know her sister, Atena! She is a lot like Kojiro in personality...very smart, loyal and protective. She is helplessly in love with Rex and generally follows him wherever he goes! She has a solemn and quiet attitude but is a big sweetheart and I love her the most. :-)

You might wonder why we have so many aggressive and large breed dogs. :-) No, it's not just for fun! Many parts of Romania are dangerous with high rates of thievery and crime. In order to keep the house + family safe, our dogs are a big part of our security. It isn't easy having so many protection dogs, it takes a lot of work and training with them, but the result of being safe is worth it! And all the photos above are also somewhat dated...a few as you can tell are puppy pictures. :-)

Stella is our beautiful work horse. :-) Sadly this is the only photo I could find of her! She is used during the week to bring in firewood, crops, hay or to haul other things around the village. Since she is a female, she definitely has her moody moments, but for the most part is very gentle, calm and easy to handle. Even for a big pregnant lady like me! :-)
This is Baby Bull. Just kidding, he doesn't really have a name. Probably since he is just being raised for beef! I shouldn't include him in the pet list, but somebody has to step in and give him some love since he is just a baby so that person is me of course! ^_^ He is actually a breed of water buffalo that is popular here in Romania, so that makes him extra special.

We also have pigs, rabbits and another cow but I couldn't find photos of them today. :-)

Do you have any pets?


  1. We have three cats that were all strays.
    Pinky- A pure black cat with a pink collar, of course. She is a feisty little thing! She thinks she owns the place. She likes the heat so in the winter when it's cold she'll sleep with me under the covers so only her head is sticking out. Just like a person. He meow is so deep for such a skinny, small cat.
    Puss- A big black jellicle cat who is a teddy bear. He is so timid that it took us almost a year to be able to touch him. He is the nicest boy, though. He thinks all the world of us. For being such a big cat his meow is just a little squeak. It's the cutest thing.
    And our new addition Moses- He's all black, too. He came up to our porch 8-9 weeks ago. We was starving and his hair was thinning because of the starvation. He is looking so much better now. We took him to the vet yesterday because of a cough so now he has meds for that and for some fleas and lice that were on his body so he should be good as new pretty soon.

  2. Wow, what a variety of pets! :D Rex is a beauty for a German Shepherd, and the rest of your pets look pretty darn cute. ;)

    I did a post of my pets not too long ago on my blog. You or anyone else can check out here if you like. All we have at the moment is 11 chickens, 7 cats, and a dog. :)


  3. I love all your pets!! They're so cute. That last pic of the baby bull is adorable. I wanna take him home with me. :)



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