Flash From The Past {30 Day Challenge}

Today I am supposed to share a photo of myself from 2 years ago, along with things that have changed for me since then. So here is the photo.

Tada. Self portrait. Kind of tacky, I know. But it was one of the best I could find from that time period. :-) Let's see. 2 years ago would make it Autumn 2010, correct? So let's look at some things that have changed in my life since then.
Then: I was very much single, not looking, and not really interested! I had just recently met my future husband and at the time...he kind of drove me crazy. :-) Truthfully, I knew how easily + quickly I could fall head over heels for him, and I didn't want to get my heart broken. I really liked him, I just wasn't sure if I could risk such a big leap of faith.
Now: Well we know how that story ended up! We've passed a year of marriage now, God has blessed our relationship so much. Together we're having a little girl, due to arrive pretty soon now! I'm so glad I decided to risk it all and open my heart. I have no regrets, only thanksgiving for what has been done in my life.

Then: My wardrobe consisted of teeny little XXS skirts, heeled boots and cute waist defining tops + sweaters. 
Now: My wardrobe this Autumn has basically been consisting of yoga pants and my husbands sweaters. With an occasional maternity top if I feel like dressing up for the day. I'm such a lazy bum, I know! And heels have been missing from my wardrobe for awhile now. ^_^ hehe. It's okay with me if I'm never that XXS girl again, but I would like to see my waist again someday! And maybe I'll break out the heels for Christmas. :-)

Then: I had so much spare time! Of course I had chores here and there around the house, but the majority of time was mine to spend. I played acoustic guitar regularly, wasted time in coffee shops trying new drinks while I journaled, wandered the city photographing to my heart's content, had fun learning new makeup techniques, and spent lots of time talking to friends.
Now: I guess overall it comes down to maturing (somewhat haha) over the last two years and now having so much more responsibility. I have a husband to please and a house to maintain. We've accumulated a lot of animals since then so chores are now a much longer process. Time now is something much more precious than it used to be for me! Getting time to chat with friends, or to go out and get coffee is a lot more special to me than it would have been 2 years ago. And I know as time goes on and baby gets here, time will be something even more valuable to me. :-)

Those are just the first three things that came to mind that have changed in the past two years.

What are some way's you've changed in 2 years?


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  1. Awww you have the cutest li'l smile in your selfie!! :) And you're sooo pretty - then and now, even more so with the glow of pregnancy. Love ya!!



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