Favorite Movie {30 Day Challenge}

 Today's challenge for the blog is on the subject of movies. Favorite one made in the past 5 years to be exact. Well I have just the movie.
Robin Hood
Starring Russell Crowe + Cate Blanchett

I've always been a big Robin Hood fan. It's one of my most favorite characters of all time. To me, he always seemed like the definition of a true hero. Not that I don't love Batman + Captain America too, but sorry, Robin Hood is just 100 x's better than all that! It probably helps that he is played by Russell Crowe in this film....men don't get much better than him! lol. :)
 There are quite a few movie takes on Robin Hood but this one really explored who he was, where he came from, and how he became the man we know from legend. The quality of actors, photography, sound, and script are all quite wonderful and come together to make my favorite take on Robin Hood yet. 
 Not that I'm one of those girls who has to have romance in a movie, but hey, I have to admit. This movie is sooo romantic.....at least in my opinion! I loved the relationship between Robin + Marian and it helps that both Russell Crowe + Cate Blanchett played so well together. I thought they made a pretty sweet couple. :-)

What is your favorite movie?
{made in the past 5 years!}


  1. Great review! I have yet to see that movie, but would like to sometime. My favorite movie made in the past 5 years.... ooh that's hard. No wait!

    "Soul Surfer" is my favorite most recent movie!! :) hehe


  2. Aww I love this movie too. I thought it was soooo romantic and loved the more "gritty" feel of this version. Marian rocked her part too. Great pick! Past five years....hmmm a very hard pick, I have to go with the BBC 4-Hour Emma that came out with Romola Gari. Sooo good how they developed the two lead characters in this version and developed the romance from their strong friendship. Love, love it. So many others I could add to this.

    Jeanine :)

  3. Oh my! Does Downton Abbey count? No wait, that's a series not just a movie.

    Oh I know! My favorite version of Sense and Sensibility was made in 2008 so it just squeaks by. :)


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