Advice I'd Give Myself....8 Years Ago {30 Day Challenge}

8 years ago. That's a long time... So what advice would I give myself if I could go back to talk to my 13 year old self?
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Your parents are a lot smarter than your friends. They love you a lot more too.

Never change yourself just to fit in. Fitting in isn't all that it seems to be anyways. It's actually kind of a pain in the long run.

Don't worry so much about boys. Just be friends, have fun, and don't over think it! And if he breaks your heart, you'll get over it someday. I promise.

You are beautiful just the way you are. Beauty isn't defined by the "mold" you so desperately want to fit into, everyone defines their own individual beauty.

Be proud of what makes you different. Personality was meant to be unique, not stereotypical. AKA, don't feel like you need to be a carbon copy of your peers. Be unique!

Your friends might only be around temporarily, they might come and go, and that's alright. Your family on the other hand will be there for you for the rest of your life. Treat them right.

You are loved. So much.

What advice would you give yourself 8 years ago?


  1. This is great!!!


  2. These are great advice tips, Marie! :)

    Let's see, 8 years ago I would've been 8 so my advice to my former self would be to never keep a diary and by no circumstances give it to my older brother. ;)

  3. Great tips, Marie! :)

    Haha, Nela! Yep, never do that! ;)

  4. Great advice!

    Eight years ago I would have been eleven. I would give myself the advice that life is short, don't try to wish away the years. It will come soon enough so enjoy the here and now fully.


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