A Craving of Mine {30 Day Challenge}

This is an easy one!

In any and every form. 
I like black coffee.
I like coffee with a touch of cinnamon and milk.
I like a good foamy cappuccino.
I like the normal every day kind of coffee I make via filter for my husband.
I like the french press I make for special occasions.
I like coffee in my favorite mug.
I like coffee in a to-go cup to accompany me on the street.
I had to stop drinking coffee several months ago. Not because I'm pregnant...but because of my high pulse I've had in the last trimester. So, I've gone out of my way to cut out as much caffeine as possible. I still enjoy my caffeine free tea every morning and evening...but it's just not the same! (don't even mention decaf coffee to me! lol) And really, how can you have a legit Autumn without coffee? It's just sad.
So yes. That would be my craving. :-)

What is something you are craving right now?



  1. I'm craving chocolate. :) The only kind of coffee I like are the 'special' kinds you get at McDonalds or Starbucks or whereever. :) So yep. Black coffee is gross... even if the smell is delicious!! haha


  2. Mmmm coffee has been a favorite of mine too recently. :D I try to keep it down to one cup of coffee per day, but then again, I may go for two. ;)

    What I'm craving right now though is a pumpkin spice latte. Gonna try this recipe here sometime today:

    Hopefully it'll taste good. :9

    Take care!

  3. I tend to crave chocolate chip pumpkin bread and good cup of real grey tea.:) I have never liked coffee but adore the aroma. Smelling the smell of fresh coffee grounds is all I need in he way of coffee but maybe hat will change someday. I am not of English decent but ever since I visited England in 2009 I can't stop drinking my earl grey tea. I don't understand why America has not caught onto tea. He Lipton they give you at restaurants here is horrid. ;)


  4. Hi Marie,

    I am going to piggy back on Rebecca's suggestion. Have you tried Irish Breakfast or English Breakfast tea? You can add milk and sugar just like coffee! I love coffee too and this was a great alternative when I was pregnant with my second child last year. Try the following brands: Twinings or PG for English Breakfast and Barry's or Lyons for Irish Breakfast. Enjoy!



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