Your Morning Routine {30 day Challenge}

● Alarm goes off at 6:50am every morning. I kick the husband out of bed and usually I'm about 5 minutes behind him...depending on how comfortable I am. ^_^ The cow {Joiana if you must know names} gets woken up and shooed out the gate to join the shepherd and her fellow bovines. In Romanian it's called a ciurda. They go out at dawn, eat in the fields all day and come back home at dusk, from about May up until the end of October. So we literally get to see the cows come home every night. :) Funny how some of those sayings are so realistic.
● After that, the stalls get mucked, the horse fed {Stella is her lovely name}, and all of the rabbits get fresh hay + water. Sorry. They don't have names. Only one does. A male albino that got named Lucifee, cause he is kind of freaky looking and scares me a bit.
● 5L of fresh milk (usually still warm!) gets delivered to the front door by a neighbor around 7:30. Half it used to mix in with the food for the pigs right away, the other half is put in the fridge for their evening meal. The pigs don't have names either, considering we'll be eating them next year. Not saying I wasn't tempted to keep them as pets...who knew pigs could have so much personality and be so darn hysterical? I love our pigs.
● All of the dogs are fed + given fresh water last. We have 5 of them in total. I think you know their names already. :) And if we are so lucky as to have running water....bottles get filled up, flowers watered, laundry started and things get sprayed down and cleaned up outside.
● Sometime in the middle of all that ^^ up there, I've usually started a pot of coffee so that its ready by the time we're ready to stop and eat breakfast at the end of all the chores. Husband usually likes eggs and bacon. Lately I've been stuck on maple + brown sugar oatmeal with raisins or apples. :) This is a nice time in my day for me. Everything is still quiet and calm. The temperatures are still cool. My husband and I sit at the table together with our iPads to check email + news together. My husband has the knack for coming across the strangest news in the world, so I usually learn about something really random happening out there somewhere. :)
● After breakfast, my husband gets ready for work or whatever he has planned for the day and I usually head back to bed to rest for a while. Since I'm pregnant and everything. :-) Or if I've got too much energy to sleep, I'll just take care of odds and ends around the house. Make the bed. Write a to-do list. Have another cup of tea. Fold some laundry. Do up the dirty dishes. You know. Exciting house stuff. This morning my husband had to leave early to go pick up another cow we just bought, so I was home alone. I ended up eating oatmeal and having hot chocolate on the floor of my bedroom, while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine coming through my window, and listening to cheap Romanian music that makes me happy and the drives the husband crazy. ^_^

Well that is pretty much my everyday morning routine. I know, I know. You had no idea I was such a farm girl! Truth is, my Dad is the one with farmer blood. But since my husband and I now live on the property and we both love animals {probably} just as much as my Dad....we enjoy pitching in to help with chores every morning and evening when we can. He happens to be in America working right now also, which means my husband is taking over responsibilities here around the house while he is gone, to help out my parents. I married such a nice guy. ^_^ He is a total gem. I think I'll keep him around. :-)
Now, I want to hear from you,

What is your typical morning like?


  1. We are night owls so our mornings are basically peeling yourself out of bed, getting some breakfast, and then plopping down in front of the computer to eat, check email, facebook, etc., and try somehow to get awake. After a little bit of this, I'm ready and awake enough to get ready for the day so I brush my teeth, take a bath, get dressed, etc. After that it's kind of do whatever needs doing.

  2. The oatmeal and coffee combination sure sounds good! :9

    Usually during the week I get up around 5:45 a.m., do my devotions, check the internet, run 3 miles with my dad, have breakfast, and do the things that needed to be done. On the weekends, I can just relax and have my favorite hot drink ever, Nutella Coffee. :)

  3. Your life sounds awesome!! I've always ALWAYS wanted to live on a farm with chickens and pigs and cows and horses and rabbits and dogs and cats. :) lol So yeah.

    My morning routine:

    Get up around 5:00 a.m if taking a shower. If not, I get up at 6 or 6:30. Get dressed (polo and school skirt with/without cardi and tights). Do my hair. Eat breakfast. Gather all my stuff together and head out the door to school. Just a jolly life I lead right now. haha And in the summer, I don't have a routine, not really. lol



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