Sunday Morning - {What My Sister Wore}

My super adorable younger sister so sweetly let me take some photos of what she wore today, so I decided to post them up here on the blog and share them with you all. :-) I love my sisters fashion tastes. She loves color, isn't afraid of taking risks, is great with accessorizing and has lots of spunk and personal style that reflects on her own unique personality.

Purple Top// Kenvelo. Pencil Skirt// H&M. Scarf// Gift. Black Flats// Deichmann. Tights// Terranova.

I'm over 32 weeks now so here is a belly update. I am feeling a lot bigger lately, so I must be growing! 
Well it is actually rather late here in Romania and this mama is tired already. I think I'll grab myself a cup of hot (decaf..ughh) tea, my favorite blanket and join my husband on the couch for a few episodes of Heroes. I haven't seen the last few seasons and my husband loves the series so we've been watching a few every night. It's nice to spend time together in the evening. Ours days are usually crazy, busy and unpredictable, but it's so good to always know we get to spend time together at the end of the day to relax and unwind. :-) Even if it's simple things like watching TV together on the couch! :-) So I'm signing off for the night. Wishing everybody a most lovely Sunday, wherever you are!


  1. Your sister's outfit is really cute! And so is yours. :) Glad everything is going so well for you.


  2. Ena, you are so fun! :D Love the tights. ;) {Hugs} Aire, you look lovely! So happy to hear you and baby are still doing well. Praying for each of you!

    Love, Hugs, and blessings!

  3. Cute outfits -both ;)
    Your sister looks a lot like you! How many siblings do you have?
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