Stripes, Baby Bump, + a Bad Hair Day

Stripes... Today I'm linking up with Samantha and Sarah for their lovely modest fashion show going on right now. They have daily themes which is always a lot of fun and today was "stripes + dots." So I'm wearing a black maxi via Terranova, a striped blazer via Cato, and the necklace + earrings are both gifts. The hair elastic on my wrist is there just because I am a real person and sometimes I'm tacky like that it's good to always have an extra just in case. ^_^

Baby Bump... It's just so obvious. I look sooo pregnant. I know, I know...I am pregnant! It's just still a strange feeling to look in the mirror and see such a different body now. Not to mention that I get stuck trying to wedge through narrow spaces no longer big enough for my belly. Or not being able to properly tie my shoes anymore. It's just all baby now. BTW, had a Dr. checkup yesterday and all is well. Baby girl is 1.9 kilo (4.1 pounds) now and it's pretty possible that I could be having the baby anytime after the next couple of weeks. Scary. Exciting. Mostly exciting. I can't wait till she is here! :-)

Bad Hair Day... Due to lack of water. If it's not because of severe summer drought, it's because they've been working on water lines all week and ours has been turned off for the last 5 days without warning or apology. Ah, such is life. Especially in Romania. If you lived here you'd understand! So anyways. Yes. Very bad hair in these photos. Right after I took these, I drove an hour away with my girlfriends here visiting, to my brothers apartment so we could all take showers. My hair looks better now. I promise. 


  1. Awww Marie you look adorbs - bad hair and all!! lol I love your outfit!! And that necklace is adorable. And I can't believe you could have your baby girl in a matter of weeks?!?!?! Ohmyword.


  2. Lovely outfit! And your hair doesn't look that bad. You are one of those people that looks good in every picture. :) How exciting that your baby will be here soon! Can't wait to see pictures of her!

  3. Oh, don't worry about your hair! (mine looks worse today, and I have running water! LOL!)
    Can't believe you're close to having the baby! It's gone by so fast (for me!) most likely not for you though!
    A Modest Fashion BLog:

  4. I absolutely love this! How wonderful to show that you can be modest AND fashionable while pregnant. :) Thanks so much for entering!


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