Something in the Air... {Polyvore}

Anyone else out there helplessly in love with Autumn? I just can't get enough! Here are some recent fall themed sets I made on polyvore. :-)

Crisp & Cool

Stripes? Yes. Mustard yellow cardigan? Yes. Fabulous boots? For sure! I love all the little elements in this outfit and it reminds me of long walks in the park, hot chocolate and old books.

I know, maternity things are absolutely boring if you aren't pregnant. But in my current (pregnant) state I happen to be automatically drawn to such things so please forgive me. :-) Again, a very simple outfit but great accessorizes give it personality and a little bit of flavor. Isn't that leaf ring cute?


Who says you can't wear brights in the Fall season? With a pair of great boots and a belted cardigan, this dress can be taken straight from one season to the next! And again, how absolutely darling is that ring? Love it!



  1. I have an obsession with fall!!!! Its my most favorite season and i LOVELOVELOVE everything about it!!! I love all the sets you put together, too! :)


  2. Actually, this year, yes! I finally got a Pinterest account, searched "Fall" and couldn't wait for Fall! Seriously, I got to looking at all the cute Fall items and love it! Can't wait to wear my boots, which is out of character for me. I usually complain, but since that does nothing I decided to just embrace Fall?winter and have fun!
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  3. p.s.

    marie, have you ever tried a sock bun???? i haven't, but tonight for some strange reason i decided to look up 'sock bun'. i started watching tutorials and now i can't wait to try!! haha something new for fall i could try, i guess. :)


  4. I always want to wear the outfits you put together. They are all so cute!


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