September Snapshots

 Getting quite the collection of tiny little pink things. ^_^ 
Enjoying the Autumn weather!
Can gum be a pregnancy craving? Cause I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to this flavor right now!
 My two little piggies are getting fat! So tragic we'll be eating one at Christmas. :-(
 I miss drinking coffee. so. darn. much. 
 I love seeing "new" products introduced in Romania. A little expensive at $4 a box, but me thinks I'll have to splurge for one soon.
 Saw the most beautiful rainbow this week! Wish I got a better photo but this one is okay. :-)
I splurged on these this week and it was sooo worth it. Anyone else out there a huge fan of mint + chocolate?



  1. I LOVE mint and chocolate!!!


  2. I love mint and chocolate!! Do you have the coconut M&Ms in Romania? They. are. so. addicting!

  3. I lovelovelove mint and chocolate - hello mint choc. chip ice cream!!! :D lol

    Those li'l baby clothes are adorable, and I love that picture you took of the 'autumn weather'. So pretty!!



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