It's Okay.

It's okay to leave the bed unmade sometimes. 

It's okay to have another piece of pie. 

It's okay to watch a movie in the middle of the day.

It's okay that I can't see my feet anymore when looking down. (It's all belly now!)


Lately I've been learning that "it's okay." I'm in my last trimester, only a few more months to go, and I can feel my body slowing down rapidly. I'm getting clumsier. My energy bursts are getting shorter. It's harder to get up from the couch. I'm feeling the urge to nap more often. Movements are getting more awkward. My clothes are getting tighter. My belly is getting bigger. I'm crying more often. My lungs feel like they're half their normal size. I can't lift as much as I could a few months ago. But as I've been learning... all of that is okay. As my husband likes to say every time I get frustrated about something else I can no longer do, "it's normal, you're pregnant!" You'd think with the basketball sized stomach sticking out in front of me I'm remember that, but for some reason I have a tendency to forget. 

It's still a big adjustment, and I get frustrated often. It isn't easy to just wake up one morning and tell yourself not to do a certain thing anymore (like carrying the laundry basket down the stairs). But as I've said before, all of these frustrations and complaints are something that I'm actually rather ashamed of. Being pregnant is a really wonderful experience and despite the hard things that come along with it, I truly am blessed. 

In these last few months, I know more difficult symptoms and situations are going to come up. But I really am trying to make an effort to enjoy it as much as possible. God has blessed my husband and I beyond measure by giving us this little miracle. It's crazy how much you can love someone that you've not even met yet. 

And I just realized that these long rambling pregnancy posts are possibly very boring for a lot of you out there. So please forgive me.. and I have some non-pregnancy related posts coming soon. :-)

Marie Danielle


  1. Hey Marie! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog, ESPECIALLY your posts about your pregnancy. This is one of the most important times of your life--don't diminish it! So excited for you and your husband as you prepare to meet your baby girl. :)

  2. I love reading all your wonderful pregnancy posts - rambles and all!!! I'm so excited for you and your hubby, and I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl, so please don't apologize!! I'm pretty sure we're all enjoying your posts about being pregnant. :)


  3. I don't mind reading your pregnancy posts at all! It's the next chapter in your life and of course you want to write about it. When is your due date?

  4. No, no, never bored my dear! :) I agree with Kati...and for this single gal sometimes it's nice to hear from a soon-to-be new mama and hear about grown up girl hormone stuff and not teenage hormone stuff as I'm used to with some of my other sweet friends. Hehe. Changes are always hard aren't they? It takes awhile to adjust and it's hard to be patient with yourself, I know. God will help you get through each new step. :) Praying for you my friend as you get closer to your special day when you will hold your little girl in your arms! :D {{{Hugs}}}

    Love you with all my heart,


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