H&M Mama {Marie Shops!}

Believe it or not, my city has very few maternity shops. Um, as it like 2 or 3 tiny shops? Maybe I'm just blind! So my vast (ha) maternity wardrobe has completely been made up via online orders at Motherhood Maternity and non maternity clothes that I've made work. Actually up until this point, I've only owned a total of 2 maternity skirts and 4 tops. So you can guess just how excited I was to go into H&M this week and find that they are finally carrying their maternity line in store! I only picked up a pair of skinny jeans so far but I'm planning on taking a shopping trip back there soon to get some new clothes. :-) In the meantime...here are some things I've been eyeing. :-)

 What do you think?



  1. I LOVE #1 and #5!! They are so cute!!!!!!:)


  2. i love them all!! actually you know tho, i like wearing baggier maternity clothes (well i mean, i like the look of them, you know from like the '90's maternity clothes? i am NOT saying i'm pregnant! haha)

    anyways, i just love how you can still stay stylish even tho you've got a big baby belly. its so cute. :)

    wow, two months left, right??!! :)



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