Goals For The Next Year {30 Day Challenge}

Day 2 of my blogging challenge and today it's all about goals. I have a love/hate relationship with goals. On one hand, I really love goals because it gives you something to work towards, and when you reach accomplishment...it feels wonderful! However on the other hand, I kind of hate making goals, because even though I might work pretty hard to reach the finish line, sometimes things happen and goals just fall apart. Then you feel like a failure! But nevertheless, I think goals are a good thing to have in your life and I will continue to have them to inspire me, push me, and make me to keep on dreaming.  So here are some of my personal goals for the next year of my life.
Get back into shape! I have to admit. Even before I was pregnant, I wasn't in my best shape. I've been dealing with arthritis and a knee injury from a few years ago that makes exercise (even normal movement!) a lot more difficult for me. I've been more focused on keeping my muscles healthy enough to be able to function, more than anything. But that is just not enough for me. I know I'll never been as athletic and healthy as I was prior to these injuries and arthritis, so having a goal like "running again" is impractical and unwise for me. But I really want to try to get my body back together after this pregnancy and prep myself for those Summer hikes that I really want to take alongside my husband next year! 

Spend more time with Jesus. This is pretty much an ongoing goal for me, in my life. I've never reached a point where I felt like I was close enough to God, or the best Christian I could be. Does anyone? I've not always been the most faithful person in the world when it comes to my personal walk with the Lord, but I will continue to push myself to be better in this area of my life. 

Work on family relationships. It's been a tough (couple) of years for my family. I suppose I've been lucky up until now, growing up in a tightly knit family that rarely had any kind of relationship issues with each other. Then we all grew up, some of us got married, new family members joined the mix, we moved miles and miles apart, etc. And of course all of the change (probably naturally!) brought on some new difficulties that we'd never been faced with before. What's most important is that we always are able to work through things together and no matter what I know we're still close and love each other very much. However, I know in my own heart, I need to work on being more kind, understanding, respectful, and more willing to bring peace to stressful situations. My personality can sometimes be a little too harsh on others around me, I expect too much, and need to have more grace with the ones I love!

Strengthen my marriage. Not that it's not already strong, it is. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my husband. But I want to keep on working to become a better wife, and a better friend to my husband. I want to be more thoughtful. I want to keep a better house. I want to learn to cook all his favorite foods. I want to stop nagging and being selfish. I want to try to make him smile more often. I want to stop procrastinating when he asks me to do something for him. And I really need to learn to iron better. ^_^

Those are just a few of the bigger things in my life that I need to work on in the next year.

What are some goals in your life for the next year?


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  1. I loved the 2nd one!! That is prolly my highest priority/goal for like the rest of my life! haha Seriously tho, someday I'm praying that I'll feel closer to Jesus, cuz I want a strong relationship with Him. So yep.



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