Autumn's Arrival

I'll admit, I'm happy to see Summer go. It was long, hot, and the driest we've seen in years. Autumn is here now, bringing cooler temperatures, overcast skies, rainy days, beautiful changing colors, and a (small) harvest for which we're thankful for. I love seeing leaves blowing over the ground. I love waking up with cold feet in the morning and searching for the safety of my slippers. I love moody, grey skies. I love baking with crisp apples and smelling cinnamon in the air. I love wrapping my hands around a mug of hot chocolate, or curling up with a favorite old classic (Shakespeare anyone?). I love the cozy feeling I get from wearing sweaters and tights. Autumn to me will always be a magical season. Beautiful things are bound to happen. I was born in the Autumn. I met my husband in the Autumn. :-) I have so many wonderful memories and nostalgic feelings about this time of the year. Long walks in the park. Going apple picking and pumpkin picking. Hay bales. Bonfires. Laughter. Baking with my sister. Shopping in outdoor markets. Getting a head start on Christmas ideas. I think Autumn will always be a favorite season, and the one closest to my heart.

Tell me about your favorite season?


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  1. I love fall! I was born in the fall, too. The pies, cooler weather, hot soups, fall leaves and colors...it all is so nice. One thing I don't look forward to is that winter is coming. I do not like cold at. all. But I choose to forget about the cold while I enjoy all the pleasures of fall.

  2. My favorite season is also fall. I live in a very hot climate and usually by November, it doesn't get hotter than 60 degrees and I can wear sweaters and cardigans. I love baking. I love the decorations at all the stores, I love the dark skies and cuddling up underneath the covers. I love the leaves that fall. I love everything about fall. It's just the best season

  3. I am SOOOO happy to see summer go!!! Fall is my favorite season!! Well spring is also one! I love being cold! :)

    I greatly enjoy reading your blog!!

  4. Amen to all of that! ;) That's exactly how I feel when I think about the Fall season. There's nothing like it in the world. :)

  5. Autumn is a lovely season! I have to say that I like early fall better than late fall because I despise cold. It makes sense, though because I grew up in a warm climate in Papua New Guinea. Of course there are many, many great things about fall but if I had to choose a favorite season it would be summer. I don't mind the heat and I love going to the pool, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, being at summer camp, and not having to worry about school. :)

    Hope you enjoy this year's autumn as much as you have past autumns! :)

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