33 Weeks {Photo + Update}

How far along: 33 weeks. But measuring almost 35! So many I'll go earlier than previously thought.
Total Weight Gain: A little less than 40! I can't believe it. Guessing I'll hit 50 by the time I give birth!
Stretchmarks: None yet! Yay.
Wedding Rings? Off. I miss them so much!
Cravings: Apples and white chocolate! Not together...although that sounds good too. Hehe.
Sleep: Ugh. Very difficult getting comfortable enough to fall asleep. But once I'm out I usually sleep through the night and get good sleep in the morning especially. :-)
Best Moment This Week: Deep cleaning our little guest house, and buying more baby things. Getting ready for her arrival is so exciting.
Movement: Oh my goodness. Lots! Hiccups at LEAST twice a day, and long active sessions throughout the day that I swear involve swimming and kickboxing. My ribs are sore to say the least.
Gender: Still a girl as far as I know. :-)
Name: Already picked out!
Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks every day.
Belly Button: Still in... for now! Hoping it stays that way!
What I Miss: Being able to move easier! I seriously have moments in which I feel like a whale. Or a penguin. Something awkward and heavy. lol! I miss all of my cozy hoodies and sweaters too now that Fall is here, I need to invest in some roomier ones. 
What I am Looking Forward to: Buying more baby things. Writing my birth plan. Signing the clinic contract.   

Marie Danielle


  1. Sounds like you're ready to go! Can't wait to find out what you're going to call her. :) Take care!

  2. Awww hiccups?!?! That's soo adorable. I'm soo excited for you!!! Will you share pictures with us once she's born? :)


  3. You are looking so gorgeous! LOVE that dress :) Not long now- then you'll be able to move about freely again! Plus, you will have a beautiful little girl to hold too :)

    God bless,
    Say xx

  4. Awwww... can't wait to see pictures of her. (And I can't wait to see what name you've chosen.) You look beautiful!

  5. "and long active sessions throughout the day that I swear involve swimming and kickboxing. My ribs are sore to say the least."

    You made me laugh! My mom told me about a lady she knew that had super bad back problems because the baby was grabbing her spine!!!! YIKES! Doesn't sound like fun!
    You look so cute! And I decided that your blog readers should name the baby. (just joking! LOL!)
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