30 Day Blog Challenge

I know I've been a little hit and miss lately. I want to blame it on pregnancy, but the truth is that I could blame it on a lot of things. I'm not sleeping good anymore. I'm tired all the time. I don't feel very inspired. I'm stressed over my looming to-do list. Getting emotions about having a baby oh-so-very soon. I'm behind on emails and Facebook and blogging and anything else done on the internet. I've not even been on Pinterest much lately, that's pretty sad! Overall I think I'm just feeling guilty for not being more involved or engaged. So. Anyway, the idea popped into my head to start a 30 day blog challenge. It would give me some inspiration. Keep me a little more focused. I've done this sort of thing before, a few years ago, but I figured it would be alright to do one again. :-) Some posts might be scheduled ahead of time and I'm sure I'll pop in for unannounced posts when I am up for it. And who knows, I might have to take a break from it in case a little somebody decides to show up early. :-) Hard to believe that I could have a little girl in my arms 30 days from now! I took bits and pieces from all the challenges that I found online and here is the finished list I'll be doing for the next month. And of course if anyone else out there would like to join in with me and copy this list, you are more than welcome. You are also free to edit it to suit yourself as well. :-)

1. Your morning routine.
2. Goals for the next year.
3. Something that made you happy today.
4. What's in your purse.
5. Current book you are reading.
6. 5 things you are thankful for.
7. What you are wearing.
8. A photo of yourself 2 years ago, and how you have changed.
9. Favorite movie. (made in the last 5 years)
10. Thoughts on marriage.
11. Pets.
12. 3 favorite things right now.
13. Playlist to describe your month.
14. 5 things on your wish list.
15. Something you miss.
16. A craving.
17. Latest polyvore set {s}.
18. 3 favorite blogs.
19. Thoughts on beauty.
20. Favorite Autumn recipe.
21. 5 things I'm looking forward too.
22. A song to match your mood today.
23. Advice you'd give yourself, 8 years ago.
24. What you've pinned this week.
25. Thoughts on modesty.
26. Somewhere I'd like to visit, again.
27. Things people might not know about you.
28. Your favorite color.
29. Something you've recently learned.
30. Thoughts on family.

See you tomorrow for day one!
Marie Danielle

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  1. This is so neat! I hope you accomplish every single one of them. :)

    Praying that everything goes well for your daughter's birth! Can't wait to see her little face here on your blog. ;)


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