Tweety + Granola + Candelight + Joy {Weekly Snapshots}

Spending some time in the early morning sunshine, with my not-so-little-anymore favorite Rottweiler girlie, Atena. ^_^

Enjoying all of my new notebooks I picked up on sale this week. Aren't they pretty?

Second week of teaching the girls class (ages 5-13) in place of my sister-in-law who is in America for the next few months. We're going through the fruit of the Spirit and so far it has been going really well! My husband is helping me out since my Romanian still isn't so great, and the girls love him so much already. I'm really glad I married someone who is good with children! :-) It's nice.

Reading through this book again and learning a lot! Elizabeth George is by far my favorite author for inspirational/devotional books. Have you ever read any of her books?

Enjoyed 3 hot showers this week. I am certainly blessed! ^_^ Seriously, sponge baths do the job, but there is nothing in the world quite like a shower under running water!!

My sister and I baked a pumpkin pie together in the candlelight! Our electricity was out for a while this week, but a little quietness and candlelight is always relaxing. :-) And the pie was really amazing. Why only have pumpkin in the Fall? I think it should be enjoyed year around. ^_^

I love the sweet scribbly coloring pages from the gypsy kids in church that they give me. Childhood imagination and creativity is always so beautiful! :-)

Had the flu at the beginning of the week but have made a full recovery and am trying to get back to eating normally again! Granola with milk and a cup of hot tea is usually my breakfast of choice. What is yours?
Wishing you a beautiful, and happy weekend,


  1. I can not believe how big your dogs have gotten?? Weren't they just puppies last week!??! Haha Ohmygoodness, I love pumpkin pie and candles. And I have read 'A Girl (or woman) After God's Own Heart' and its amazing!! I would like to check out more of Elizabeth George's books. :)
    My breakfast of choice is prolly bagels and cream cheese, but since I am trying to eat more healthy and start exercising and all that, I think I will have some granola and milk tomorrow for breakfast. :) And also, I think it'd be fun and a wonderful experience to teach sunday school to young girls. Glad its going well for you!! :)


  2. Oh my! Hope your feeling all better from the flu! That's so fun! A friend of ours at church had the flue last weekend...on his birthday. Poor guy. Baking by candlelight sounds like fun! I don't think I've ever done that. Hmmm... I've never read a book by Elizabeth George. I don't read too many devotionals though I have read a few by Amy Carmichael and Elisabeth Elliot.


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