Sunday Snapshots

 I've really been enjoying my (early) mornings lately. I love having a cup of hot coffee at the kitchen table while it's still calm and quiet! This is part of my pretty view from the table. :-) My mom has lovely plants!

I saved some of the pretty mosaics that the girls left behind last week. It turned out being reallllly messy, paper everywhere! :-) But it was fun and I think the girls enjoyed it so I think we'll do it again another week. :-)

I have to cancel my girls class this week, since I'll be at the airport picking up friends (yay! they are here for a 2 month visit, so I'm really excited! it will be soo nice having company!) but I've already started on my next lesson...longsuffering. Probably a character trait I should work on in my own life! 

Went to see Brave in theater with the whole family this weekend! Can you believe I've never seen a movie in 3D before? Guess I'm a little behind on some things. :-) It was a cute movie (the 3 little brothers were my favorite part! hehe) and to be honest it was a lot of fun to just have the whole family together!

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? As in like...you wear it nearly every day? This layered bird necklace is definitely mine. I find myself having to stop from wearing it too much.. it just always adds such fun touch and seems to go with every outfit! And I'm down to wearing just my engagement ring now.. wedding band is too small! Yay for swollen pregnant hands. :-/

Ran a lot of small errands with my husband and dad this week...which basically means I spent a lot of time in the car getting some fresh air. :-) I love seeing small Romanian towns and villages, old buildings always have so much character!


  1. I love your bird necklace, and the mosaics are a really cute idea. :) And also, I LOVE that picture of the town! It reminds me of Austria in 'Sound of Music'. hahaa

    Have a good week!


  2. Eeeek! I love that necklace!!! I know what you mean though, I always grab my simple pearl stud earrings first thing and have to stop myself from wearing them AGAIN!:) Have you thought of wearing your wedding band on a chain around your neck?


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