Styles I Love {Pencil Skirts}

Pencil skirts are one wardrobe staple that I for one, could never live without. Being verrry pregnant at the moment (starting my 3rd trimester soon! ah!), I have found myself missing them the most. It seems like every time I walk by a clothing store I see an adorable lace or bold colored pencil skirt on sale calling my name. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be waiting awhile before shopping such styles again, in the meantime I have my 1 black maternity pencil skirt. ^_^ Guess that'll have to do! :-) 

 I don't believe I've ever owned such a brightly colored solid skirt before. But after seeing this outfit? Hello lovely! I think this would be fun and still classy & elegant at the same time.

Lace pencil skirts are the epitome of femininity! I love the soft, neutral colors of this outfit. It comes across effortless and rather beautiful.

Denim is another favorite pencil skirt texture of mine. Oh so classic and definitely a staple!

I especially love pencil skirts with tights once the temperatures drop. Keeps your legs warm, but is still a flattering and slimming silhouette! Again with the bold yellow... I love it!

Grey on grey? I'm absolutely taken. And to be honest, rarely do I tuck in tops with my pencil skirts, but after seeing so many lovely styles...I think I should try it more often. After the baby is born of course. ^_^

So ladylike. So feminine. So much class! 

And last but not least...I have seen some really beautiful printed pencil skirts out there lately! I saw this one on Pinterest awhile back and fell in love with the elegant black + white print. This skirt could be so versatile and add lots of fun to your wardrobe! :-)

How do you feel about pencil skirts?
What is your favorite way to style them?

Marie Danielle

P.S. None of the lovely images above are mine! They are all via Pinterest and can be found on my Be Stylish board. :-)


  1. Ohmygosh, I am seriously in love with pencil skirts!!! I am all about classic style, that's pretty much what I want my personal style to be. They are just so flattering and feminine. I am drooling over that lace pencil skirt above. Gorgeous!!!! :D

    Umm, well actually I only have two pencil skirts - a denim one and a black one. I actually have difficulty styling them - any tips? Maybe a polyvore set?? :)
    Oh yeah, I also love that grey on grey ensemble. Very neat.


  2. p.s.

    i forgot to say this in my first comment, but i just wanted to say that i am in LOOOOVE with pointy-toed heels!! they are classy, so totally classy!! I Love Them To Death. :)

  3. I love love love pencil skirts! I need to go find some more somewhere!


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