Style Guide: The Black Pencil Skirt

Everyday {Black Pencil Skirt}

-You can absolutely wear a tee-shirt with a black pencil skirt! This is so great for an everyday, casual look. Tucked, or untucked...feel free to add a belt to add a little pizzazz. 
-Be careful when wearing tops untucked with a pencil skirt though. Make sure the length hits you in the right spot and isn't too long on your torso, or else it won't be flattering to your legs. 

Sunday Morning {Pencil Skirts}

-Black pencil skirts are perfect for Church/Sunday morning! You can wear it so many ways, but one of my favorite ways is to tuck in a camisole/tank top and layer a cardigan over the top for added coverage.
-Again, if your top is too long or not fitted enough when wearing it untucked, you can always try belting it at your slimmest part. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does the trick! 

Date Night {Pencil Skirt}

-Ruched tops work great worn untucked with pencil skirts. Again, they might not always hit your hips in the right spot, but the great thing about ruched tops is that they can be adjusted (to a certain point) on your torso.
-Yes! Black pencil skirts can definitely be worn in the summertime. If they couldn't, I'd be devastated! The key is to pair it with light or summer related accessories and avoid looking too "dark."

Office {Pencil Skirt}

-For a business appropriate look, a blouse paired with black pencil skirt is classic! I love this look as it is so easy to layer with a belt, sweater, or cardigan. This outfit pattern is also incredibly all-season appropriate as you can easily wear this with boots + tights as well once the temps start heading downward.

How do you usually style your black pencil skirt?


  1. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I was hoping you would do a style guide on black pencil skirts. :) I loved every single outfit. :)

    Usually I just style my black pencil skirt with anything that looks okay with it. Kinda depends on my mood. :)


  2. So cute! I'm planning on getting a pencil skirt in the near future...

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you! Check it out at my blog. Have an awesome day!



  3. I love all of these =D Pencil skirts are one of my favourite things to wear at the moment! I adore those shoes in the first outfit, and the yellow ruched top is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for this post!! I am now in the process of making myself a blue-ish Pencil skirt! I love all the ideas you posted!!!
    Congrats on the baby!!



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