So Much To Do {& So Little Time!}


That's a good word for me right now. Everyone told me I'd go through some sort of stage of anxiety while being pregnant...but never being the anxious type (well, not too much!) I didn't take it to heart. Well. I probably should have listened because sure enough I'm kind of feeling stressed these days. I have so many thoughts running through my head. So many un-completed lists laying around. Every time a new worry pops into my head I have to chide myself and remember that every little thing is going to be JUST FINE.

Where is the baby going to sleep? Why don't I have a bed yet?
{already have one picked out at Ikea...just haven't bought it yet!}

Why have I not gone to sign the contract at the clinic yet? 
{my dad says not to worry, he delivered my little sister. so consoling! lol.}

Where am I going to find a good pediatrician?
{It's just a matter of asking around a little bit...I'm sure I'll find one!}

What will the poor child wear? I still haven't bought a single thing!
{clothes are easy and fun to buy. I have plenty of time!}

Why haven't I started Lamaze DVD's yet?
{a lot of women don't start Lamaze classes until their last months..no biggie}

What if the nurses & other clinic staff are total jerks?
{then you can kick butt. you are American right?}

They are really no gigantic things that I should be worrying about at this point. And I for one need to pay attention for the sake of my baby girl, and try to avoid stress! I know that planning for the future is important, but I also have to remember that things always work out in the end and life has it's own natural course. And I'm trying to remind myself that I'm doing okay. It's my first baby. Being nervous and a little freaked is %100 normal. I have been preparing and as the days go by I learn more and more about babies and birth. I have several books & DVD's coming in the mail soon that I know are going to be really useful and I can't wait to dive in and start reading more. I think that living overseas has added a little bit more complications overall and has made me worry a little bit more about things like being in a clinic (where people don't speak your language!) and trying to find a good pediatrician. I'm so thankful to have found a wonderful OB who is young, open minded, modern, knowledgeable and also very friendly and kind! As for the nurses and other doctors I'll be dealing with, I am really just hoping and praying for the best! I have never been super lucky with getting nice medical people in the past, but why worry about what I can't control and don't even know about yet, right?
This post is mostly for me. I'm such a rambler and the best way to get out my emotions is by writing it all down. Unfortunate for you that I happen to be posting it on the blog today. ^_^ I do have the best readers and followers in the world though. You guys always leave such sweet and encouraging comments that lift me up and make my day. :-) Thanks for putting up with such a random, scattered, emotional, pregnant blogger. I guess I could have just rounded all that up and simply said pregnant. That's been my answer for nearly everything lately. Oh, why am I eating a bowl of ice cream at 10am? I'm pregnant! Why am I crying while watching a movie that is neither sentimental, touching or romantic? I'm pregnant. Why am I crying for absolutely no reason at all? I'm just pregnant!!! (poor hubby, I've been crying a lot lately.) So. Thank you dear readers for being total sweethearts with this pregnant blogger. :-) Until next time, Marie Danielle


  1. I'll turn the gratitude around: thanks, Marie, for being so genuinely you, so honest and open! Those qualities only make you all the more endearing!

  2. I love you Marie!!! I'm so glad that you post about what you feel, instead of pretending to have a perfect life on your blog, like some bloggers do. It shows us the real you!! And it also shows us how we can be praying for you. :)



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