How Pinteresting! {End of Summer edition}

Can you believe Summer is already coming to end? As much as I'm looking forward to the Autumn season right around the corner...I'm sad to see bits and pieces of Summer slowly starting to fade. So today is all about love for all things summery. :-) You can find the sources, links and more on my Pinterest board HERE.

I love the bag, stripes, fun hat, and ocean background!

Sandals. I will miss wearing sandals!
How beautiful is this outdoor table setting? Looks like the perfect picnic spot to me!

Lemonade + Multicolored Nails. Good combination!

These rings are to die for. So. Adorable.

Smoothies are among my favorite Summertime treat!

What will you miss about Summer?


  1. Wearing shorts and sandals. But I still wear shorts with tights in the winter and fall. :) Oh, and I'll miss not having school. haha


  2. T-shirts, flip-flops, homemade ice cream parties on the patio with family, the warm weather, the big green leaves on the trees... I'm a summer girl.


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