Cardigan Weather {What I Wore}

The weather made a strange shift over the weekend and this Sunday I was downright chilled! Okay, so in reality it was probably only in the 60's or so...but compared to 100, that feels pretty cold. So I took the chance to pull out a cardigan to layer over my maxi dress for church this morning. I don't know about you, but during the Summer I miss my Autumn/Winter wardrobe a lot. Especially my beloved cardigans!! This is one that I splurged on a while back when I went to the US last time. Splurged meaning it wasn't on sale, never mind it was only Forever 21 but for me...if it's not on sale it feels like splurging! Hehe. Forgive my crazy windblown hair, I need to get a haircut soon. I'm hitting the scraggly stage! I'm also rather makeup less today, which isn't a big deal for me, I feel fine without it.... but I always feel guilty after uploading photos and seeing my tired face! I don't wear makeup every day but at least try to do it on days I am in town or church days!
  Do you wear makeup every day?

Black Maxi// Terranova. Coral Cardigan// Forever 21. Black Tank Top// H&M. Belt// Zara. Necklace// Meli Melo. Black Flats// Gift.

I'm not going to lie. The reason for the sparse what I wore posts lately, is due to the fact that pretty much every day this week I lounged around in yoga pants (love those comfy knit waistbands!) and my husbands tee shirts. Nothing special to blog about! It's just been one of those kind of weeks for me. Maybe it was the weather change. Maybe it's because I had the flu. Maybe it's just something else I can blame on being pregnant. ^_^ Whatever the case, I do feel a little guilty about being so sloppy in dress lately (even around the house) so I'm going to try to have some fun this week and dress up more! 
What is your normal attire around the house?


  1. I wear makeup SOMETIMES, but rarely. I just don't like messing with it. :/ Hahaha I'm so lazy!! lol And I LOVE your outfit!! You are getting so big... makes me excited to see what your baby girl looks like. You will post pictures once she's born, right??? :) And today I wore my black riding boots, which are my most favorite fall and winter shoe... I would wear them everyday!! lol

    My normal attire around the house consists of either jeans and a t-shirt, or gym shorts and a t-shirt. Since its just the fam I mostly see everyday, then I don't really care. haha And neither do they! lol

    Have a good day!

  2. I rarely wear makeup, I'm to lazyto put it on :) I've thought about wearing it more often, but I'm not sure.
    In the mornings I normally wear excercise clothes and then around 10ish shower and change. If I have to go somewhere I normally wear a skirt and nice top, but if I'm home all day I'll wear a skirt or shorts with a plainer top. I tend to be on the dressy side :)
    Thanks for writing this blog!! I LOVE reading it and getting ideas on how to dress stylishly and modestly!

  3. You look gorgeous! :) Love the outfit. I do wear makeup everyday but I love putting it on and seeing how it changes the way I look and trying different looks. I don't wear a lot. I'm only almost fifteen so I don't want to over do it. :P

  4. Your glowing, Marie! And actually, your hair looks super cute that way!
    My normal/lounge around/sitting reading other peoples blog consists of: hair pulled back in a ponytail, tee shirt and exercise shorts! Nothing too exciting!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Oh you look beautiful! I love your hair!! I rarely wear makeup except for lip gloss just because it isn't me personally, but my normal attire around the house is pants and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy.


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