Summer Heat {Polyvore}

Lisa {Maternity}

I don't know about you, but I love mixing black and brown...especially in the Summer! Some people think you should save wearing black for the Winter season...but not this girl. Black to me is always classic and I couldn't imagine throwing it out for the hotter seasons! However I do think it's important to pair it with light accessories in order to not let your outfit look to "heavy" or "hot." For this set I paired this lovely black maxi dress with some chunky leather wedges, golden toned jewelry, and coral enhanced accessories. I'm usually not a feather lover, but those earrings are calling my name! :-)

How do you feel about wearing black during the Summer?


  1. The outfit looks beautiful, Marie!

    I don't usually wear black during summer, because it attracts the heat. So I'm content to wearing lighter colors. :)

  2. I wear black a lot during summer actually!! I have a pair of black cuffed shorts I got from H&M last summer for like 10 bucks, and they are my absolute FAVE!! I wear them wayy too much. lol

    And I like those feather earrings! :)



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