Recent Snapshots {Everyday Life}

{Trying to stay hydrated in this crazy hot weather.}
{Attempting to finish my many to-do lists...}
{Really missing him a lot.}
{Keeping all fans running continuously and daydreaming of A/C!}
{Spending more time with Jesus.}
{Reading sweet notes that my husband left for me. ^_^}
{Having a glass of grape juice for the first time in years! It is hard to find in Romania.}
{Forgetting to take all of my prenatal pills every day. So bad about this!}
{Not having water for days on end. The drought is getting so bad in Romania!}
{Remember this little munchkin? Louise is all grown up now.}
{Atena is still the smart one of the bunch, and actually turned out to be pretty darn sweet too. ^_^}

What's been up in your life lately?



  1. Beautiful photos, Marie!
    Oh my gosh, your dogs are getting so big!
    It's hot here too-in Montana-90+deg to be exact! Not exactly my favorite weather, but I'm not complaining! I do love the sun, just wish it didn't come with such extreme heat! I know, I know...doesn't make a lick of sense! :)
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  2. Holy cow Louise and Atena are HUUUUUGE!!!! I thot they were still puppies!!! And are you keeping them???



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