Praying For Rain {& What I Wore}

Some days my baby belly is just bigger than usual. Okay, maybe not. But it certainly feels like it! :-) Today is one of those days. I feel sooo pregnant. And judging from all the stares that I get in public now, I'm guessing that I look pretty pregnant too.  Sometimes I'm not sure why people stare so much... do they pity me? do I look too young? am I really that fat? is it so abnormal to be with child? I don't know. It doesn't really bother me that much, I know a lot of people are probably just curious! It's just strange, something different, and makes me feel kind of awkward at times, that's all! :-)

Speaking of awkward... trying walking through a hallway and having people part like the red sea for you to get by. Makes me feel like a wide load coming through. Thanks, people. So nice of you.

And on a funny note, I love how people nearly run into me on accident and then proceed to absolutely freak out and frantically apologize when they see my stomach. Thanks for being so sweet and considerate but I promise... you didn't hurt the baby! :-)

Okay. Enough pregnancy stuff. Don't want to bore anyone.

I put this outfit together on a whim this morning and kind of really loved it! I am definitely getting my money's worth out of this black pencil skirt from Motherhood Maternity. I love when a purchase works out so well! While it is still not the most comfortable thing in the world, (ahem, maxi dresses are the best so far) it is comfy enough to function in, not to mention I feel cute in it which is a huge accomplishment at this point! :-) The purple tank was a gift from my mom a few years ago but was a little too big and didn't get worn a whole lot. Until now! It fits over my tummy just right and the color is so beautiful, no? 

Purple Tank// Old Navy. Jacket// Cato. Black Pencil Skirt// Motherhood Maternity. Black Flats// gift. Necklace// from husband! ^_^ Bracelet set// Macy's. 

Romania has had a very poor year for rain and it is so dry right now! The drought is starting to get severe as most of the wells, springs, and small rivers/water sources continue to dry up in our village. We get water via an outdoor spigot in our personal courtyard every few days for a few hours if we're lucky, and not always with very good pressure! We survive by keeping 5L bottles filled up along with a few larger tanks...for uses around the house and the animals. (We buy our drinking water separately, year around.) I don't say this to complain (although it's definitely not easy!), but to be realistic about what it is like living in a foreign country. It is a charming, beautiful life...but also can be very trying and difficult. Especially during a dry, hot, summer like this one. We need rain so badly, I'd appreciate your prayers so much! Not only for the crops, land and animals, but at this point for the sheer survival of the people as well.

Wishing everybody a lovely day!


  1. Gosh. You are the cutest thing ever.
    And i pray you get some rain! :)

  2. I'll let you in on a little secret to why folks stare at pregnant women (or at least why I creepily do):

    You are so beautiful. You have a certain life and light to you. It's incredible to think about the little life that you're carrying, that you created, that someday I will have. Pregnant women are the most beautiful awe inspiring women in my opinion. I can't help but stop and stare at every one of them, just to imagine them holding their child and smiling into it's beautiful face. Just as I know you'll be doing all so soon.

    You are so incredible, don't ever doubt that. People stare at you because you have a light about you and about this daughter of yours. I know she's going to be so incredible just like you and your husband...I just know it ♥

  3. I just love this outfit Marie!! Soo cute. :) And I totally agree with SomeoneLikeYou: i do sometimes stare at pregnant woman, because it amazes me every time I think about a new life inside that woman's stomach. God is awesome!

    And I will pray!



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