Maxi's for Summer {Polyvore}

Royal {Maxi Edition}

Purple is one of my favorite colors and I love the funky charm that all the accessories add! :-)

City Girl {Maxi Edition}

This teal skirt is just beautiful. I love the shape as well! Very feminine and cool for summertime. :-) 

Yellow + Grey {Maxi Edition}

Yellow & Grey? Absolutely. Definitely one of my favorite color combinations of all times! And that ruffled black bag is just adorable isn't it? ^_^

Striped {Maxi Edition}

I have been looking for a black and white striped maxi skirt for ages! I just love how cute they are and I'd love to mix and match it into my wardrobe. :-)

Do you have a favorite set? I always love to hear!



  1. I love city girl, although I am probably more of a country girl.:) Love the look though!

  2. I lovelovelove the 2nd set the most!! I have a slight obsession with the colors mint, teal, and turquoise. Oh, and maxi skirts!! :)



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