Happy Independence Day!

Mine is nearly over but for those of you in the States, you still have a whole day ahead of you! So I hope you enjoy yourself and have a wonderful holiday. :-)

To celebrate July 4th, my husband and I joined my parents and sister for a picnic on a nice and quiet lake this afternoon. The weather turned out being breezy and cool so that was a nice change from all the 100+ degree days we've been having lately! It even started to thunder and rain for a bit of the afternoon, it didn't really bother the guys out on the lake swimming and us girls found a safe spot under the pin trees so it wasn't such a bad thing. :-) We grilled hamburgers, ate a lot of deviled eggs, the guys swam, my mom caught up on reading, and my sister and I had fun playing some new card games my mom brought along. Overall it was a really lovely and relaxing day. Just what our family needed! Sometimes life can get a little crazy and hectic....and a slow, simple, quiet day is the perfect anti-stresser! I think we all came home relaxed and sleepy (and in a good mood!) so apparently it worked. :-) 
{the quiet lake shore}
{my "american girl" towel that i've had for ages!}
{flip flops are essential to a good picnic}
{sheltering pine trees}
{my dad's. :-) he is quite the hat lover!}
{my dad's cute little grill!}
{my sister, writing away as usual}
{our growing family!}

I think I'm off to re-fill my water bottle (Dr. says I have to start drinking more!), grab some leftover watermelon, and curl up to watch a movie. My husband has to finish studying work material before he leaves for England, so it looks like tonight it's just me and my baby girl! (or my baby monkey as my husband keeps calling her!) Once again, Happy 4th of July! Have a fabulous day and enjoy it for all it's worth. ^_^


  1. Awww, this sounds like the perfect fourth of july! i'd love to go out on the lake someday for july 4th, like on a pontoon boat. :)

    love the last pic!! can't wait to see what your baby girl looks like. :D

    love ya,

  2. That looks like so much fun! :) Have fun watching a movie, while eating a slice of watermelon and drinking plenty of water! Can't wait to see your baby girl too. ;)


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