good morning.

{sunday morning makeup routine...somehow soothing}
{singing along to old ray boltz songs}
{waking up in a room that feels more like home. amazing what a few plants can do to a room!}
{foaming cappuccino in a favorite coffee cup}

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and feels like the beginnings of a wonderful day! My husband was finally able to get internet where he is staying, so we've been skyping and emailing like two crazies since yesterday. :-) Needless to say, I am feeling so much better after knowing that I'm able to talk to him every day now! Not to mention see his handsome face. ^_^ Which, while I'm on the subject...how come he gets to look so darn cute via webcam, while I look like a hot mess? That is really unfair IMO. Anyhow! I have been working hard on our little guest room this weekend, making it feel more like home. I've made good progress so far and it is looking lovely. I'll try to get some photos up this week to show you all! I'll also be sharing an outfit post later on today, so check back later on to see! The baby belly is so obvious now, it is getting hard to roll over in bed. ^_^ I definitely feel very pregnant at this point! But I am still feeling good and am very thankful for such an easy pregnancy thus far. God is good! Alright, I'm off to find some shoes and get going for church. Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday morning!!


  1. On Sunday mornings, I enjoy listening to uplifting music that helps me get ready to worship Jesus! :)
    And I'm glad you are able to keep in touch so easily with your hubby. I'm sure its a blessing.


  2. Sounds like a great start! ;) Hope you have a blessed Sunday!


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