Five Things This Tuesday

Skype. I have never been a lover of webcams...until now. :-) I get it set up every night now and just wait for husband to call so I can see his handsome face on the screen. Thank God for technology in times like this...it makes the distance apart a little bit easier!

I bought a simple, black, racerback maxi dress this week and have already worn it so many times in a lot of different ways. It is super comfortable, slimming (as much as possible at 6 months pregnant!), cool in the hot temps and I love how versatile it is! Will post some outfits with it later on this week. ^_^ Plus it makes me happy that it is a XS and not maternity.  So far so good! Hehe! :-)

Missing him. So. Darn. Much. I had no idea I was just so used to him always being there. Guess in a way I took it for granted! God knows I won't now. After waking up so many times in the night, expecting him to be right next to me, I'll never complain about him stealing my pillows again! ♥

My favorite fruit in the world is watermelon. And the season is here in it's prime, so I'm eating it seriously every day and probably going to be sick of it by the end of Summer....but I don't care cause I won't be able to get it again until next year. ^_^

I am not really a Rod Stewart fan necessarily... but I have always loved this song. My husband does too so I used to play it every morning on the alarm for him! Funny thing is, that the baby loves this song too! (um, either that or she hates it. hehe ^_^) Any time I play it she starts kicking...which I find hysterical and so cute. :-)

How is your week going?


  1. I love that maxi dress!!! :) I hate watermelon, tho. I just find it so tasteless and... yuk. Anyhoo, wow, 6 months pregnant!! I can't believe you're that far along already. :) So exciting!!! Have you thot of any names yet?

    Love ya,

  2. Yes, gorgeous maxi dress - I imagine you're coming up with gorgeous ways to wear it. ;) Congrats on being 6 months pregnant! :) I am so excited for you. It is hilarious that your baby loves (or hates. =P) that song so much!


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