The First Week in July {Snapshots}

{blooming lilies, from my mother-in-law to my mother. I'm so glad our families became friends!}

{the early morning view outside of my new room at my parents house}

{pizza for breakfast! pizza never gets old. ^_^}

{after a head cold at the beginning of this week, it would be okay with me to never drink mint tea again. lol.}

{my most favorite comfy summer sandals!}

{my dad's horse (stella) with my handsome husband. i married the perfect mix of country/city boy. ^_^}

{the spiral stairs coming down from my room.}

{my cousin mailed me the cutest set of handmade burp clothes for my baby girl! aren't they adorable?}

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Cool photos! I like how antiquey they are - how do you do that?


    1. anastasia,

      i think instagram has a special editing thing that makes it look vintage. :) i love it too.

  2. Hi Marie,

    I just love your snapshots!!! :) I want that spiral staircase, and your shoes, and that horse. :) And those burp clothes are adorable!


  3. Amanda I really like your photos as well. I don't know if you give out your Instagram handle, but I'd like to follow you. The few pictures you have of your home create a really nice illusion in my mind. The spiral stairs add a cool, vintage touch and it seems as though that style fits right in with you. I've always wanted a spiral staircase, but have never followed through. Did you install them yourselves or did the house come with them?


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