Coral {Polyvore}


Coral is such a fabulous summer color! One of my favorites. :-) In this set, I think I like the accessories most of all! That is the lovely thing about a simple dress, you can take it anywhere with accessories! Dress it up or down, for night or day. :-) I've also discovered that I'm alway so attracted to gold jewelry in the summertime! I am not sure if it just reminds me of the season (heat, sunshine, tanned skin...ect..) or what. All other seasons I'm usually a silver girl! 

Do you prefer silver or gold?


  1. i am all about gold! it goes better with my skin tone ;). check me out at♥♥♥PinkPopMash

  2. I know I love this outfit, that's what!!! :) Hmm, yeah I pretty much wear silver year-round, since I don't have much gold jewelry. But I do like gold jewelry in the summertime, too.



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