Black Maxi {What I Wore}

This is such a simple outfit, I almost feel guilty posting it on here! I picked up this black, racer-back maxi dress a little while ago for a good deal, and have been getting so much wear out of it. Since waistlines are so uncomfortable lately (skirts or pants, maternity or no!) I've been enjoying dresses a lot. Maybe it is just the heat, maybe just the belly. ^_^ But dresses by far are the most comfortable for me at this point. I've been having fun mixing and matching different things with this simple black dress, today I threw on a shirt over it for a little color! Forgive the poor lighting and messy room, I wasn't in the mood to go outdoors to take my photos today! :-) I can't believe that I'm already past 23 weeks, time flies by so fast. 
Top & Maxi Dress// Terranova. Flip Flops// Old Navy. Necklace// Meli Melo. 
>>>>>> <<<<<<
Do you have any solid color maxi dresses? How do you like to style them?

Marie Danielle


  1. no i don't have any solid color ones, but i want to get some soon becuz they are crazy easier to style than a printed one! :) love your outfit, marie. that blue looks awesome on you!! :D


  2. Love your hair today, so pretty!:) Love the outfit too! I'm just getting into the maxi length, so I don't have any... but I'm keeping my eyes open for a cute maxi skirt!


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