Baby Blues + 23 Weeks {What I Wore}

I'm back again, and this time with my Sunday morning outfit. :-) I picked up this cute blue top last week at the mall when I went shopping with my sister and this is my first time wearing it. I love the color and the fit is nice and comfy on the belly. ^_^ Not to mention I've always been a fan of drape necklines, I think they are so flattering and feminine! My biggest accessory is of course, the baby bump. Actually it's not really a bump anymore, more like a mini basketball. lol!  The extra weight up front feels rather strange to me still, I'm definitely waddling now and I'm noticing certain movements really uncomfortable. Ahem, like bending over to paint my toes...I think I'm gonna need help with that pretty soon. Hehe! Listening to stories lately of my friends and their pregnancies, I find myself thankful for having such an easy one thus far! God has been good to me and I'm glad to be feeling healthy and strong. I've struggled most with low blood pressure, and especially in the recent hot temps outside, I have to be careful to rest, stay out of the sun, and drink enough fluids! But other than that the baby and I are doing just fine and I pray to continue on that way. :-)

Top// Pimkie. Skirt// Motherhood Maternity. Sandals// Leonardo Shoes. Necklace// Monsoon via my sister. Nail polish// Flormar. 

I also picked up another top and two dresses while shopping last week, so stay tuned for more outfit posts this week! :-)
Wishing everybody a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


  1. I love this outfit, Marie!! That color is really stunning on you. Drape necklines are just so elegant looking. :)

    Love ya,

  2. So cute! The top looks gorgeous on you. :) Glad things are going well for your pregnancy. Take care!

  3. You look lovely! What a beautiful top and you look beautiful in it! :D

    *giggles* I guess it would feel kind of like carrying a basketball. ;) I never thought of that...

    Aww, I'm happy to hear you are doing well with your pregnancy - that's great! {Hugs} Continuing to keep you and baby and Dan as well in my prayers. So glad you are able to talk with him now that he got skype set up. :)

    Love and prayers!

  4. You look so darn cute! ;)
    Blue is a great color on you! That's fantastic that your pregnancy is going so well!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. I love this outfit, so cute! Can't wait to see your other purchases!:)


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