Snapshots of the Week

{Again...I probably drank too much sweet tea while sitting in my parents courtyard enjoying the cool evenings. I can't help it...it is so addicting!}
{One of the cornfields that belongs to our church members and family.}
 {I received this darling Cutey bracelet in the mail this week that I won from Lauren on her blog, Someone Like You. I choose pink cause I'm having a girl! isn't it adorable?}
 {My mom's beautiful hanging flowers. Why couldn't I have inherited her green thumb?}
 {Picking wild daisies for my sister who got the flu this week! Glad she is feeling better now. ^_^}
{I felt like I did SO MUCH laundry this week. It is never ending. Do you ever have weeks like that?}
{My favorite little pair of summer sandals broke this week. :( So tragic. But now I get to buy new ones...maybe? hehe.}
 {Packed up most of our apartment this week. Now I just have bags and boxes full of books, clothes, and magazines to UN-pack. My husband is quite the dog lover. I swear we have each issue of every kind of dog magazine over the past 5 years.}
 {What would a weekly snapshot post be without an updated belly photo? This baby bump is definitely growing. I am officially down to one pair of jeans that still button. ^_^}


What's been going on for you this week?


  1. That bracelet is adorable, I love the colour! Where did you get the owl necklace that your wearing in the bump photo? It's so cute :)

  2. Awww. Oh I love your hair in the pic where you're picking daisies. Lovely. And White Highland Terriers are adorable!!



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