Râşnov {My Romania}

Today I'm here to introduce you to a little more of my Romania. This is a country full of castles, monasteries, ancient churches, fortified cities, and citadels. Râşnov, falls into the latter category and happens to be one of my favorite fortresses I've been to thus far. It is a medieval citadel, built in the early 1200's. I don't want to bore the uninterested, :-) so if you'd like to learn more about it, here is a link to the source on Wikipedia. :-)

The walkway headed up toward the main entrance, you can see the modern day city of Râşnov in the valley below. 

One of the many gates.
The beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and dense forrest!
One of the outside towers. 
Wild flowers growing in the courtyard.
The top arch of an inner gate.

Romania is truly a beautiful country, full of unique and lovely sights! Today, I just wanted to share a little of that beauty with you. :-)

{all photos are mine, please don't steal!}


  1. What an amazing place! The oldest thing around here is from Lewis and Clark...just two hundred years old, and so I am in awe of that citadel that is over 800 years old! Thanks so much for letting me glimpse Romania through your eyes.

  2. Wow, gorgeous!!! Wish I could go there. Your camera takes great pictures!


  3. Love that second photo especially. Thanks for glimpse of Romania! :)

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