{Our Big Day} Wedding Details

Many readers have been asking to see more of my wedding photos, so I thought I would do a few posts to share some on the blog with you. :-) Today, I'll share some miscellaneous detail photos (with notes!) from our big day. All photo credit goes to Katielynn Photography! Please check out her blog, and website if you'd like to see more. She is truly fabulous. ^_^ I had a few issues uploading and couldn't get them properly resized to fit on the blog, so you can click on them to view full-size. :-)

My husband's favorite game and pastime is playing chess, so I wanted to incorporate it into the wedding somehow. I ordered the most darling chess cake toppers for the big day but they got lost in the mail! At least I still had king & queen place-card holders for the reception and I asked Katie to get a photo with some pieces & our rings! It was a little detail but something special and something I really loved. :-)
Giving gifts on the day of the wedding is kind of an American (?) tradition, or maybe it just isn't real popular in Romania yet. I got him something special & wrote a card, but to be honest, I wasn't expecting anything back from my hubby-to-be on the big day! So of course I was surprised to receive a pair of lovely gold earrings, and this adorable card that he made himself filled with sweet nothings. It was so cute that he actually spent the time to make the card himself (Gosh, I didn't even make him a card! I think I bought one in a grocery store the morning of the wedding!). 

I spent a really long time searching for the perfect shoes, and happened to stumble across these little beauties. It was my lucky day to also find them crazy on sale (50% off at least..I don't remember!) and with a matching clutch that ended up working out great for me. I had other pearl accents throughout the day in my jewelry and such, so the shoes just tied in perfectly and I am so glad I bought them!

I wanted something different for the boutonnieres, a.k.a. not roses! So I was happy to be able to find these lovely colored calla lilies that went with the rest of the day so nicely. I also think my husband looked pretty darn handsome in that silver vest & tie. ^_^
I had very little time to find a dress, considering I got engaged in June & our wedding was scheduled right away for August! I feel pretty lucky that I found the dress that I did, and ended up loving it a lot. The delicate pleating and beadwork was really beautiful! I also had a jacket made to match for a little extra coverage for church.
Confession. My expectation of my wedding day bouquet was that it was going to be hideous and extremely ugly. I honestly thought it was going to be one of those things that I looked back on and laughed at how awful it turned out! Shame on me, because look at how lovely it turned out! I really should have trusted the florist more. :-) I loved loved loved my bouquet so much and think it was probably one of my favorite details of the day! 

For the reception, I have my friends, family, & mother-in-law's coworkers to be indebted too! We had some last minute problems at the reception venue and weren't able to decorate until the morning of the wedding. So needless to say, everything was thrown together pretty quick & very last minute! I was so happy with how it all turned out though, and think the table decor was just lovely. We had various engagement photos put in Ikea frames with cut out table numbers attached, along with ceramic trays, tea lights, purple sand, & babies breath that made for a beautiful combination!
Instead of lighting a unity candle, we opted for pouring colored sand! Everyone really seemed to love this part and still mention it to me even now. My father gave a little speech about joining lives and what the sand represented while we poured it into a larger vase together. It was really unique and special, and something that I'll probably have in the house for awhile. :-)
Getting married in a foreign country was definitely a challenge, not to mention the short time frame I had to plan it all! I owe so much to my family & friend for all the help they were in making our day so special. I honestly couldn't have done it without them! A lot of things were done in the spirit of "well this is the best we can do so lets just hope for a good outcome!" and sure enough, things fell together really well and the end was beautiful, simple, and perfect for my husband and I. Of course I have thoughts of "if I could do it over again!" or "next time I'd do thing differently," but I have come to love all the memories we made on our wedding day. The mix ups, mistakes, things we forgot about, things that didn't turn out right, and everything else that gave our day character and moments to remember. :-) I hope you enjoyed this post and that it wasn't too boring. :-/ Stay tuned and I will be posting more wedding photos again soon!


  1. Oh this is such a novel and fantastic idea- the sand, the photo frames!It all looks so pretty and well organised you know. I guess sometimes things work out better when you're under pressure =)

  2. Your wedding looks beautiful! I can't wait to see more!

  3. Oh heck no, it wasn't boring at all, Marie!! I loved this post. Your colors were gorgeous, and I loved the sand pouring part - very special and different. :)


  4. Thanks so much for sharing about your special day! I loved hearing about it! The boutennaires are amazing--and the tie and vest, too! I love that your silver shoes match his tie. (-;


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