More Weekly Snapshots

{spending time in the sunshine with my love!}
 {some of my mom's pretty new hanging flowers}
{aren't these gorgeous? so unique!}
{starting to set up my space in the guest house at my parents since I'll be moving in soon}
{i've been drinking wayyy to much iced tea lately, but i swear the baby loves it}
 {speaking of which...the growing baby bump ^_^ it makes me so happy ^_^}
{the three little pigs. i can't believe we'll be eating them at christmastime. they are TOO CUTE.}

How is your week going? :-)


  1. That is the most adorable baby bump I have ever seen hahaha! <3

    ~Danielle Marie

  2. I love fuschias! They are so beautiful! I must have missed an update--why are you moving into your parent's guest house?

  3. Those pigs are so darn cute. :) I love all these snapshots. :)



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