I Miss Him Already...

Is it possible to miss someone right next to you? Lately whenever my husband catches me in a somber mood and ask's me what's up, the only thing I can say is "I miss you." He isn't even gone yet, but I already know just how lonely I'm going be without him. You know something I've realized this week? When you know you're going to be a part of someone for a long time, suddenly even the most annoying traits and habits start to become dear. Or maybe it's just realizing how familiar it has all become. I'm going to miss how boring it is to watch football news every morning (especially after you already saw the game the night before..what more it there to talk about? the winners won and the losers lost!). I'm going to miss him stealing all of my blankets and pillows every time I get up to use the bathroom (ahem, in my current pregnant state, let's just say it is often! lol) in the middle of the night without him even realizing it. Or so he says. I'm not sure he is quite so innocent. I just think he likes pillows. I'm going to miss watching how serious he gets when he plays chess on his iPad every night. I'm really going to miss him calling me his monkey, his midget.. and everything else. I'm know I'm gonna miss all the belly kisses. I think our baby girl is going to miss it too! I'm trying to stay focused on the future. Him coming back to me. Coming back to us. We have a new little family beginning and it is so exciting! I'm looking forward to buying sweet little clothes, blankets, and stuffed animals. I'm looking forward to everyone being together for Christmas. The future is looking so bright with so much good ahead of us... yet no matter how hard I try to think about all of that.. I still come back to the fact, that I am really, really... gonna miss that boy.



  1. I can understand your pain!Hope he goes and comes back soon, without you even noticing(k, i know that sounds cliche, but i hope you feel better)!

  2. It can be tough to not be with someone you love, especially when you are carrying a physical representation of that love. Be strong and encouraged. Thankfully with modern technology you can still remain "connected."(not that its the same.)

  3. Aww I feel for you Marie! :/ But I'm sure the time will fly by, and in no time, you'll be back together as a family again. :)


  4. Your love for your husband is so encouraging and inspiring :) I hope that the time flies by and that it will feel like no time at all that he is away!

  5. I think I must've missed something!? Are you moving? Hubby going away for work or something for a while?


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