How Pinteresting {Nr 15}

Sorry I'm a little late in posting my Pinteresting post for the day. I've actually had a pretty lazy day around the house, but a few family members have been down with the flu so I haven't spent much time on the computer! I'm just going to share odds and ends that I've loved throughout the week! :-)

Denim + White is always such a classic combination, isn't it? Love the casual scarf and layered tank too. Gives it an easy, natural, and beautiful look!

Aren't these coffee mugs adorable? I am such a sucker for cute coffee cups! :-)

Oh my goodness, can you believe this is a maternity dress? I am totally in love!
Black + White will forever be my favorite color combination. I like this simple and fresh look, and the cute pop of bright green!
Winter is a little while off , but when I saw this cute coat I had to repin! I'm going to need a new coat in the Autumn, for my post-baby body (oh boy! we shall see!), and I thought this simple swing style was pretty adorable.
Another favorite color, purple! This little tea set is so darling, isn't it? I would love to find a similar set someday. :-)

Well that is all for today. Wishing you all a happy Wednesday, full of good health and sunshine. :-)


  1. A) I'm dying over those purple tea pieces. LOVE purple!
    B) adorable blog, love, excited to hear about baby stuff! Congrats!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I love the classic look of white and denim too!! :) You can make so many outfits from one look. Love the purple tea set, and yes yes white + black combo = LOVE!! And even tho I'm not a huge coffee drinker, I kinda have a slight love for cute coffee mugs. :D


  3. omg love those pins girl :) cute blog too!


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